3rd July – MyConstruct Updates

A few new updates!

All based on user feedback, these updates are now live and ready to go!

Estimate builder tool update:

Whilst creating your estimates we have added in a new feature in the top right of the screen which calculates the estimate margin breakdown. This helps you keep an eye on the overall project margin and make adjustments whilst estimating to ensure you’re on budget.


Request for quote update:

Now when you’re sending out request for quotes from within the estimate builder, you will see a new option that allows you to send the RFQ to a ‘contact group‘, along with the standard option of just sending the RFQ to one contact. This change allows you to send out an RFQ for multiple quotes instead of having to repeat the process, saving you time!

Simply select the items you need quoted using the check-boxes on the left, then click the Multi Select option “Request Quote” as usual.

Now the Request Quote popup has a second (new) option that allows you to select the groups from your contact groups!


Repricing of Estimates:

Our final new feature for this release is a new option “reprice estimate” tool, which is available from the drop-down in the manage estimates area on each estimate.

This tool is used to simply change the pricing on the selected Estimate, this can be used to re-price an estimate with up to date price (if the estimate is older) or it can also be used to re-price the estimate in another area, for example you could copy an estimate from one suburb and re-price that estimate for another location (different prices) to see the difference.


Stay tuned for more updates in the near future as we continue to improve the system based on your feedback!

If you have an idea for an update, please feel free to submit your thoughts to us via the support option or find us on social media via the links in the footer of our blog!


Thanks for choosing MyConstruct

– Tecoda Team.