26th April 2018 Updates

We have been a bit quiet lately! But never fear we are always listening to feedback and working on updates in the background all the time!

This update introduces some exciting new reporting features along with some smaller updates to existing features. We are also going to take the time to announce MyConstruct training packages are available upon request! – More on training here: https://myconstruct.com/training/

On to the updates!

New reporting tool upgrades!

First up we have released reporting tool upgrades, now not only can you choose from the standard reports, we have now expanded on these and created a suite which allows reporting on the job costs such as Orders VS Bills and contracted price, this allows many new reports including projections such as profit and loss on your jobs and estimates!

To  use the new reporting system we have created tutorials on the Knowledge base. First you will find a new option under the Estimates menu called “Manage Bills” this is where you can log incoming invoices / bills against the Estimates orders, you can also add and track any additional costs such as overruns or extras during construction.

Now that you have data to report on, to start reporting on a Job is very easy, simply click on the “Edit” button within a Job and select the “Set Contract Price” this will allow you to set the final Estimate and Contract Price.

*Read more on how to setup and get started with the new reporting system on the Knowledge base here*

Now you’re all setup, from here all the new reporting takes place in the Reports side menu, simply scroll to the bottom and you’ll notice a new table of Jobs with options to View the reports.

*Read more on how the reports work and how they can help you track cost on the Knowledge base here*


GTO Plan saving

Another quick update to the GTO tool, you can now save an image of your marked up take-off, allowing you to send a visual take-off to suppliers or tradies. After all a picture speaks a thousand words.

Simply click on the new menu option “Save as Image” and MyConstruct will output your GTO as a JPG ready to attach to orders or send out to explain your project.

Inventory management

Colour! Yes we have added the option to colour inventory items to help sorted / find items faster or for you to use however you wish to help highlight items. All manage iventory areas now have the ‘colour’ drop-down to allow you to change font colours. These colours are only for visual improvement in the system and are not printed on the final quotes / estimates.

Final extras

Finally, we finish up our updates with a minor tweak and that is adding the “Address lookup” field that everyone loves from the address book to all other areas of MyConstruct such as creating a new job or opportunity, after all we are all about saving time!

As always, if you need a hand check out the Knowledge base or Contact Us. We hope you enjoy the updates and encourage you to send us any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve MyConstruct.