25th September 2017 Updates

Some slight delays in this update as we are still testing some more features, this release includes changes to estimate builder, purchase orders and quotes along with some minor fixes within the system and improvements.

Estimate Builder update – Deliveries

There’s now a new option which allows the option to change deliveries on your estimate builder, which in turn controls the purchase orders when being generated. Any line items in the builder area with matching delivery numbers (and supplier) will be group together on the related purchase order.

(Click to zoom screenshots)

This feature solves the problem of creating “partial orders” or splitting orders for call-ups, example would be ordering all the plumbing gear for a house but having the mixers and hot water systems on separate deliveries – this way you can call up the HWS separate then the mixers can be called up after tiling is done.

If you’re unsure on this feature, the system will default to all being the same delivery (per supplier) so there’s no need to change how you work – contact support for more clarification if you need!

New help articles will be in the Knowledgebase very soon.


Printing Checklists!

Yes! We have been listening and the Gantt Chart option is not far away too! (this is what is causing us issues with printing) for now, this is step 1!

Simply navigate to the job / opportunity, then in the checklist tab, you can now select ‘Print’ which creates a nice PDF output.

You can also print all checklists from the “Add Checklist” drop-down option here:

Sortable quote items!

You may have already noticed this feature show up, we slipped it in between updates because it’s been ready for awhile, this is just the official announcement that you can now indeed sort the line items in quotes. You can also edit old quotes and re-sort them, this helps when putting the finishing touches on your quotes!

To drag – simply click (and hold) on the sort option to the left, the same as other areas of MyConstruct.


Quote Auto-save feature

This is a new addition to help users with poor internet connections, whilst creating quotes now each line item and change you make will be saved in real-time. No longer will you lose work if the internet connection is interrupted whilst  working or if you walk away during a quote for extended periods of time.

Simply start a quote, fill out the main details and then click ‘save’ now from this point onward the system knows who and what the quote is for (mandatory fields) each change there after is saved as you do it.