22nd October 2017 Updates

Welcome back to another round of MyConstruct updates!

As usual, all updates are based on our users feedback, so feel free to shoot your ideas to use via the new contact page on the MyConstruct.com homepage – we’re listening! Let’s get into it:

Printable Gantt Charts!

Yes! Finally you can print the Gantt charts and not just the checklists (last update) this has taken awhile to get working and we will still be applying some polish to the looks in future updates, but for now it’s here and working! – Simply click on the “Print” button in the upper right corner of the Scheduling tab within Jobs or Opportunities:

Then select the date range you require (Note each month is printed on a separate page as it’s the only way we could make it look good.) Once you select the range, you just have to set the page size (A4 / A3).

Then click print and away we go!


Bill of Quantities as CSV file

This feature has been requested a lot recently to help output your BOQ as a CSV file which can be imported into various other software such as accounting systems and tendering portals.

Simply generate a BOQ as per normal and you’ll find the new output option at the bottom of the options screen here:


Changes for new users

We have made extensive changes to the sign up process of MyConstruct, now when a new user signs up for the first time they have the option of populating their account with some demo data, including inventory, client and job – tell your friends it’s easier than ever to get started with MyConstruct.

If you’re an existing user and you’d like the demo data imported into your account, just let us know via the support page!


Free tier!

Because all the best things in life are free, we are bringing in a “Free” option for MyConstruct. Instead of being locked out when an account or trial has expired, you can now continue to enjoy a limited version of MyConstruct. The free tier still allows you to create a very limited amount of quotes and jobs per month with some other restrictions on data and choice of template – all outputs are also watermarked as MyConstruct – this option is popular with students and tradies who are only doing a few quotes per month (less than 5).

The free tier has the same options as the LITE tier, thought only 20mb of storage and limitations on 5 quotes per month. – Stay tuned for more details in our upcoming full announcement.

Check out all of our plans here.


Stay tuned for more updates and make sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram for more!

If you require any help or want to learn more, check out the knowledgebase.