1st August – MyConstruct Updates

This series of updates focuses on bringing back an improved version of some older features – mostly around the estimating system.

Once again every update is based entirely on user feedback, so please make sure to let us know!

MyConstruct Inventory

Yes, we have added in the ‘Indicative trade price’ which can be accessed via the Estimate Builder, next to your own Inventory tab – now you can access our sample inventory and work with both your own items and search our database for any one-offs or simply use it as a reference / guide to make sure you haven’t missed anything. This is a great time saving feature, just remember that you should always check the prices against your own supply price to ensure everything remains accurate in your estimate!

The MyConstruct Inventory is just in it’s early stages at the moment, we have focused on getting the basics in and running, Tecoda is currently in negotiations with large national suppliers in hopes to secure an even more extensive and accurate inventory offering – so keep an eye out as this progresses! This is just the beginning.


Create new Inventory on the fly

There’s also a new button “Create Inventory” in the Estimate Builder – this allows you to create new Inventory items without having to leave the screen or navigate to the “Manage Inventory” area, you can simply click on the new button and it will allow you to create new inventory as you go.

Once you click “Create Inventory” a new window appears.

Simply fill in the details and you’re good to continue.

Additionally we have added in a “Add Blank Item” button just above the Estimate Builder in the upper right corner, this acts very similar to the “Add row” button in the Quote system – it allows you to create a new line in the Estimate Builder which is totally blank and can be used however you like as a ‘one off’ item for that particular Cost Centre / Estimate. This is also a great time saver as you no longer need to create an Inventory item that you may only ever use a few times, it allows custom items within Estimates with ease.


Simply click to add the blank item,

All options are able to be edited.

Attach files to Opportunities

We have also enabled file attachments to Opportunities, previously it was only enabled for Jobs, but based on feedback it has been decided that allowing files to be attached at the Opportunity stage and then carrying them through to the Job (once converted) is a useful feature to have.


This update also has a lot of core changes to our software which will enable more exciting features in the near future once we pass our testing phase.

Keep an eye out as we are continually releasing new features and we encourage all of our users to send us feedback and ideas!


Tecoda team.