16th June – MyConstruct Updates

We are pleased to announce a few new features this month that you may have already noticed.

Ordering system updates:

There are now extra options when sending out orders, once you have your purchase orders ready to send you can now set a delivery date from the right drop-down:

order delivery date

This delivery date shows on the purchase order now as well, this helps with your call ups.

Once you have sent out the orders (or marked as ordered) a new option will appear which allows you to mark in a delivered date, which can be used as a call up sheet or just as a check to keep track of your orders and delivery dates.

Quoting system update:

You will also notice a new button in the quick quoting tool, this button is located next to the delete row icon and looks like a ‘favorite’ star icon you’d see in your browser, it appears at the end of every row item in the quote builder.

new inventory icon

This new icon is used to add items you create on-the-fly within a quote to your inventory. This means you can create a quote that contains custom items (using the add row option) and then quickly save these items to your inventory for use again in future, saving the hassle of having to navigate to your inventory and create a new item for future use – so it shows in the quick inventory area next time you create a quote.

add inventory popup

Once you click the icon, the system simply asks you to provide details such as Cost Centre and then it’s quickly added into the inventory and good to go next time!

Task system updates:

You may have noticed under the left menu ‘tasks’ is where you can create checklists for Gantt charts etc, our latest update now allows for a custom ‘task’ to be made which can be assigned to any job and staff member, these tasks will then show on that users ‘portal’ area as a to do list style of task that can be marked off once complete.

create tasktasks in portal

Check out the video showing how this system works!

Updates to estimate builder:

Our final update is an extra option for the Estimate Builder tool, now under the ‘Generate BOQ’ options, we have added in options to create a quote directly from within the Estimate.

generate quote

This means you no longer have to navigate out of the Estimate back to the management area to generate the quote.


We hope you find these updates beneficial to productivity and encourage our users to submit their ideas and feedback to us via support.

All of these changes are based on user suggestions with many more to come in the near future! Keep an eye out for announcements as we work together to improve the MyConstruct system.

– The Tecoda team.