15th August 2017 Updates

This round of updates is focused on finishing up the ability to attach files in ALL areas of MyConstruct emails, the latest changes allow you to attach files to your Purchase Orders and Quote Requests.

Attaching files to Quote Requests:

This saves a LOT of time now when sending Orders and RFQ’s out, simply click on “Attach Files” in the upper right menu of the Estimate Builder screen under the “Generate BOQ” drop-down to add files to your RFQ’s:

Then you’ll be taken to the usual MyConstruct file attachment popup, here you can upload files or attach existing files (that are stored on the related Job / Opportunity):

Once you’ve attached your files, simply send out the quote requests as usual by selecting the “Request Quotes” option from the same menu and then select the options you’d like to use:

Then send our the RFQ’s and they’ll have your files / plans / etc attached to help the receiver quote on the job.

Attaching files to Purchase Orders:

Just like the above changes to the RFQ system, we have placed the same “Attach files” function to the Manage Orders area, simply browse to the Orders via the Estimating menu, “Manage Orders” then select an Estimate, you’ll be able to attach files to each Order before sending / batch sending them out.


Attaching a Google Map location to Purchase Orders:

Our final new trick to the ordering system is the option to enable a map location to show at the bottom of the purchase order itself, this helps with deliveries and hopefully minimizes calls from drivers / trades that need help locating the job sites.

You can enable this feature in the “Settings” menu in the top right, within the “Business Details” menu and then in the “Business Settings” Tab:

Once enabled, you’ll see the map show up under the order details (on a second page where possible):

As always, these features were all requests from our users, if you have any ideas for future updates please let us know!

Keep an eye out for more features coming very soon!

Tecoda team.